New Features for Google Classroom

When Google Classroom was announced last year, it was a great opportunity for schools to add interactivity and feedback to their curriculum. It had the potential to make assignments and grading more effortless.

This month sees a slew of new features that will make this application even more useful for teachers.

1. Question-Driven Debates
Since the original Academy, debate has been one of the most useful tools in the educator’s arsenal. It gets students to participate and really think with the information they are studying.

The Internet has proven that it’s an excellent forum for debate, so it’s only natural that this feature should arrive on Google Classroom. Teachers can now enhance their Classroom posts with questions, which students can then debate. The application …

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Digital Whiteboard Lessons: Four Signs That Indicate they are not Working

Interactive lessons have the ability to promote student engagement and participation in the classroom. However, sometimes these lessons may have the opposite effect on students, with students showing zero interest or participation during an interactive lesson – characteristic of a failing lesson. As a result, teachers must spend more time revisiting lesson objectives instead of concentrating on value addition.

To remedy this problem, it is always important to be on the lookout for signs of a failing lesson. This will not only save the teacher time and resources but will also enable the teacher to enrich the learning experience. This article looks at four signs that can help you identify a lesson that is bound to fail before it starts.

1. Missing or Ignoring

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Problems and Issues with Inappropriate Use of Interactive Whiteboards

Over the past few years, interactive whiteboards have become common pieces of technology in classrooms across the globe. They first began gaining popularity in the early 1990s as replacements for chalkboards and as tools for improving classroom interaction, performance, and the learning environment in general. Still, teachers and students face everyday challenges that reduce their ability to utilize the benefits offered by interactive whiteboards.

This article looks at three of the most common ways that interactive whiteboards cause problems and explores how users can put whiteboards into appropriate use to mitigate these problems.

1. Writing Devices                                                                                                                                       Quite often, students and teachers use dry-erase and permanent markers on their interactive boards. While some whiteboards support these writing devices, others do not. Porous, melamine-based interactive boards …

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Using Videos For Learning English

When you use videos for when you are learning English you are actually making learning much more helpful and stimulating and motivating yourself to really get the most out of this language. With technology developing at the rapid pace it is these days, the written materials of days gone by and which are still used today, are becoming less popular in the way a language is taught. People are not reading books as nearly as much as they did in the past and it is the same with studying. Now with the art of new technology in the form of other exciting ways like videos, the art of studying is become much more motivational and successful. Learn English in Africa!

Videos turn out to

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Importance of Fun Mind Power Games for Kids

Kids deserve to have time for games. However, there are fun mind power games for kids that will help them develop their cognitive skills as well as their social skills. You need to introduce your kids to simple mind games in order for them be familiar with the things that will help them as they go on with their lives.

Life is about learning. Learning processes are endless as well as self-development. You should always keep in mind that knowledge is power and it is the only treasure that cannot be taken away by other people from your children.

Benefits of Fun Mind Power Games for Kids

What exactly are the benefits of fun mind power games for kids? Aside from providing mental …

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Benefits Of Children Learning English

When you choose to raise your children to speak more than one language, it does require a lot of thought, time, and preparation. This is a personal decision of the parents and it will have an effect on the child usually for good. English is a language that is spoken throughout the world and there are great benefits if you want your child to learn a second language.

If you are wise in your decisions, you will choose English. Joan Kelly Hall and William G. Eggington once wrote in their book that individuals who speak English gain a concrete economic advantage. English provides increased educational and employment opportunities. Learn English in Africa!

Doors open

When you encourage your children to speak English, you are …

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Overview of a SMART board Interactive whiteboard Display Overlay

The SMART Board interactive display overlay brings touch capabilities to your existing flat-panel display. It does this by adding a display overlay to your interactive whiteboard which can enrich any learning or business environment. It enables you to write in digital ink, save your work and access and control your PC applications. This display overlay fits a variety of LCD and plasma screens and can also allow engaging and interactive multimedia content. A closer look at its features reveals:…

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Old SMART Boards vs. New SMART Interactive Boards

The main interactive board shook up the classroom route in 1991 and throughout the most recent 22 years SMART interactive whiteboards has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations.

Keen Boards brought the first interactive

• innovation into classrooms,
• gatherings
• boardrooms crosswise
• substantial screens anticipating PC
• presentations to more extensive crowds

Advanced Ink conveyed the interactive component to SMART Boards, permitting speakers to clarify anticipated showcases without leaving the presentation screen.

The effect of the interactive board got the consideration of Intel Corporation, who put resources into SMART Technologies and helped clear the following 20 years of creating touchscreen innovation for business and instruction presentations.

Brilliant electronic whiteboard get Smarter

The advanced SMART interactive board incorporates a scope of new highlights to make …

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The Top Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Resources

Connecting with grade school student in a subject can, now and again, is troublesome; particularly if the topic isn’t generally the most visual and invigorating but with digital whiteboard its really working. Presently, with the assistance of an interactive whiteboard, even the driest of classroom subjects can be upgraded digitally and interactively through recreations, exercises, genuine cases and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are the best prepared to-download whiteboard assets for elementary schools.

The use of interactive whiteboards

Made by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Illuminations programming bundle for interactive whiteboards has more than 100 distinct recreations and exercises to help show understudies math at all evaluations. In the matter of subjects like math, visual diversions can truly …

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Going Mobile: Portable Whiteboard Easels and Signage

Nowadays the world is greater than any time in recent memory, furthermore littler than at any other time in recent memory digital whiteboard. We can navigate the landmass in a matter of hours, and can be on the opposite side of the planet in the space of a day. So considering that, why ought to instructive and publicizing showcases is restricted to one room just? Conventional divider mounted whiteboards and notice boards are still an essential piece of classrooms and stores, however there are different choices accessible for bringing your whiteboards with you.

As of late digital whiteboard have been getting to be more well-known because of their simple utilization, an enduring showcase when utilized with wet or dry eradicate markers, and medical advantages …

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